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    The best way for us to provide you with what your are looking for is for us to get to know you. Take a few minutes to complete this form and we will get back to you quickly.

    What's this for?

    This is your opportunity to let us know why you need a Website and what the objective of the site is to be. The more information you can give us, the better we will be able to provide you with the solution you need. Feel free to skip any questions that do not apply.

    Your Company Snapshot

    Company Name

    What does your company do? (products and/or services offered)

    Who are the decision makers for this project?

    What is the estimated budget for this project? (it's best to be honest so we can tell you what can and can't be done)

    Project Goals

    Why do you need a new Website?

    Setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals is essential for us to make sure we are always moving in the right direction for you.
    To keep us all on the same page, we'd like you to list the 5 top goals for your new site.
    E.G. 30% increase in profits in the next year, double existing membership in the next quarter, increase inventory turnover by 25% etc.
    Goal 1

    Goal 2

    Goal 3

    Goal 4

    Goal 5

    What parts of your current site serve you well? Why?

    Your Customers

    Tell us about your ideal customer. Who are they? Gender? Age range? Interests? Occupation?

    Why would your ideal customers visit your Website? List 5 reasons.

    Your site's design

    What do you want your customers to experience when they visit your site?
    (comfort, excitement, hip and trendy, exclusive?)

    Does your direct competition have Web sites?
    Please list them, so that we can make sure yours blows them away!

    Describe your direct competition.
    Tell us what is working for them. Describe what you are doing better than them.

    List some sites that you like the look of.
    What do you like about each site?

    Success...What is that to you?

    For this project to be deemed a success, what would have to occur?
    List specifics. Be descriptive as possible,

    Any other information you think we need to know? Fire away!

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    About the ‘dudes

    Providing Website design in Fort Walton Beach FL, HB Webdudes has been helping businesses, organizations, local governments, and individuals with their Web and marketing needs for years.
    Our team of designers, developers, SEO gurus and marketing consultants specialize in getting you the most from your online presence.
    We enjoy meeting the challenges that each client's needs present and we LOVE improving their business.