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Why spend the $?

The cost of a new Web site can, at first glance, seems like a daunting expense. But it is, in fact, one of the best marketing investments you can make.

Very costly print media lasts until the next issue, phone-book, or trash day. Broadcast media is extremely expensive, often ignored, and lasts only in very short bursts. Both are cumbersome, as it is time-consuming, not to mention costly, to make changes or updates to either medium. And to top it all off, both are in decline. Fewer people are reading newspapers every day. TV commercials are skipped over with Tivo, and I-Pods have replaced the radio.

On-line media is in-demand, on-demand, interactive, easily adaptable, and, with smart phones and tablets, available everywhere. To be competitive, it is imperative that every business have a Web presence.

The cost of a Web site is also less expensive on a per-person basis than any other media. The number of subscribers/readers/listens/viewers is limited, but the number of internet users is not. Your potential market with a Website is every single person with internet access. And that is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. When implemented by a professional, your site will become the main way customers find you. We make it easy for GOOGLE to find you and do the things necessary to move your site up in the listings. If you are higher than your competition on GOOGLE, you will make more money.

With a professionally designed and developed Web site, YOU control what your potential clients see about your business. In addition, a professional Web site will place higher in searches done on GOOGLE, expanding your reach to many more people, generating more revenue for you.

So ask yourself, not “why spend the money for a great Web site?”, but, “Can I afford not to have a great Web site?”

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